Silver Rose

The classic silverskin, soft stem that matures early and stores the very long.  Can average 12 cloves per bulb.  Flavor is pure garlic with a hint of heat.  A favorite of garlic braiders.​


A Variant of Silver Rose that produces larger heads with 10-12 large tangy cloves.  Maturing early this may be the first garlic you harvest each year.  Long storage life and a great garlic to plant if you want to eat 70-80% of your crop and still have enough left for planting.​


A porcelain, silver-skinned, hardneck garlic with 4 to 6 plump cloves. Originally from a garlic collection in East Germany.  Large cloves are hot and pungent with a lasting bite.  Harvest mid season and stores 7-9 months.​

Ophio (Hardneck)​​


A porcelain hard stem with a purple striped wrapper covering 4-5 large cloves.  Rich, long lasting flavor with a PURE GARLIC taste. Longer storing than many hard stems (7-9 months).  Harvest mid-late season.​

Romanian Red

A large, beautiful porcelain garlic that is relatively resistant to disease.  Averages 4 to 5 cloves. Contains high alicin levels. Flavor is rich, robust and strong and good aftertaste.  Harvest mid to late season and stores 7-9 months.​

French Red 

An artichoke softneck garlic.  Clove skins are light brown with med-dark redish brown stripes ontop half and burnt brown on the base.  Averages 8 cloves per head on the outside and 2-3 inner cloves with a slightly turban shape.​

Porcelain Beauty

A truly beautiful porcelain garlic.  Erect plant grows straigt as an arrow with long scapes and a tightly wrapped bulb with as many as 14 pure white cloves.  Harvest mid season.​

Inchelium Red

A large, artichoke, soft stem that often wins garlic-tasting competitions. It is a large and healthy garlic to grow and is resistant to disease.  The bulbs can be large and have 12 to 20 cloves. Flavor is medium rich and hot when eaten raw.  It is a benchmark for medium tasting garlic. Harvest mid season and stores 6-7 months.​

Italian Purple

This rocambole,hard stem, produces medium  bulbs  with 8 to 9 cloves.  Flavor is rich and strong but not overly hot or spicy.  Not a great storer (4-5 months).  Harvests earlier than many other hard stems.​


A big marbled purple stripe.  Fiery and robust hard stem – a cousin of Metechi. Bulbs have 6-7 easy-to-peel cloves. With a bold and interesting flavor, holds up well in cooking.  Harvest mid to late season and stores 7-9 months.

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Spanish Roja

in the world. Supposedly brought to the U.S. by immigrants before 1900. It grows almost anywhere and likes colder winters. A small to medium sized but versatile and tasty Rocambole variety. Peels easily, stores 4-6 months with 5-6 cloves in each bulb. It has been described as the most piquant garlic.

Korean Red

Asiatic, big bulbed hard stem with 6 to 8 large plump cloves.  One of the first hardstems to harvest.  Flavor is hot, rich garlic that is replaced with a smooth, warm aftertaste.  Harvest VERY early in season and stores 5-6 months.  Our favorite garlic.  The 2013 harvest of Korean is not as hot as previous years.  We assume this is due to the unusually wet period of late May to early July.  We expect the 2014 crop will be back to its fiery norm as long as we don't have a repeat of this years precipitation.​

Elephant Garlic

The largest bulbs and cloves as well as the mildest ‘garlic’ - actually it’s an allium in the leek family. Plants yield 4-8 times their weight in harvest.  Sometimes referred to as “garlic for people who don’t like garlic.”  Perfect for stews and garlic mashed potatoes and can be served raw in salads. Harvest mid season and does not store well.​

Garlic Varieties


This prodigious softneck often referred to as ‘Red Torch’ has as many as 18 cloves per bulb.  It matures earlier than most other garlics, stores reasonably well.​

Purple Glazer

When kept weeded, this Purple Stripe is an excellent performer. Rich burgundy stripes on smooth white skin.This is a favorite variety for fresh pesto, pickling and baking. Averages 6 plump cloves and stores 5 months.​


Stull was supposedly discovered at a Saugerties, NY garlic festival. Though it is similar to many porcelains, the wrappers have a gold/beige tinge. Large plump, easy-to-peel cloves with moderate heat! Stores up to 6 months.​

Sativum ( Softneck )


A large marbled purple stripe garlic with 5 to 7 very plump cloves.  A cousin of Bogatyr, it has a powerful garlic flavor without the heat of its cousin.  Grows like a weed and stores like a stone. Holds its flavor well in long cooking. Harvest mid to late season and stores 7-9 months.​


This large, porcelain garlic is similar to Northern White and has 4-6 large cloves per head and is known to have a high alicin content.  Flavor is rich, strong and robust.  Harvest mid to late season and stores 7-9 months.  Resistant to garlic diseases​

German White

A vigorous-growing porcelain hard stem that is easy to grow.  Large bulbs with 4-5 large, flavorful and long storing cloves.  Flavor is strong when raw but mellows when cooked.  Harvest mid to late season and stores 7-9 months.​

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